The Bloomsbury terrace is a wonderfully versatile piece of urban infrastructure, shown to be capable of numerous changes-of-use over the years, while being blessed with a robust and enduringly relevant architectural character.
Paul Mellon Centre 1
The redevelopment of the Paul Mellon Centre at No. 16 Bedford Sq. presented us with a complex challenge. Expanding into No. 15, the client required additional library and archive spaces as well as new study rooms, seminar rooms, a catering kitchen, and a new reception. Getting to know the historic significance of this Grade 1 Listed terrace helped us to identify latent qualities (within what were formerly domestic spaces) that could be reactivated to support and compliment the building’s new uses. The proposal, which was recently granted planning permission by Camden Council, is a careful re-composition of rooms that enables the centre to achieve new ambitions while protecting the historic significance of Bedford Square. Through this cooperation between historic sense and cultural ambition the legacy of the Bloomsbury terrace successfully evolves and prospers.