(S) 201_St Johns_Proposed Block Plan (contractors)_TJ edit
‘A knuckle’: that part of a plan that deals with a shift in orientation, from one vista to another. Exploring Canterbury Quadrangle at St John’s College Oxford, we were struck by the vistas that are composed along powerful axes, but we were also intrigued by those knuckle spaces that playful mediate between vistas – a Baroque game of spaces in confluence and delta. We are designing the college’s new study center and archive, which is to append Canterbury Quadrangle from the woodland enclave of the Present’s garden. To connect this new building through to the colonnade of the quadrangle and also into the Laudian Library that sits above it, our Phase One work has established a triple-vista knuckle. This space accommodates a staircase, whose stepping-stone composition of treads and landings climb and wind a route up into the grand vista of the Laudian Library. The second vista is a secret passageway, discovered from within the shady colonnade. The third is yet to come but is that of the new study center, which will create a lively new route to Canterbury Quadrangle from Thomas White quadrangle, where many of the college’s students reside.
SJCO - Vistas & Knuckles